Uganda Government to Exhibit women with big Bottoms and Hips in a bid to lure foreign tourists

They say desperate times call for desperate measures and it didn’t take long for the Ugandan government, desperate to lure in foreign tourists in the hope of collecting some tourist dollars that a shocking marketing tactic has been initiated.

The marketing trick to attract tourists was announced by Uganda’s Ministry of Tourism amidst fanfare, with the strategy being to exhibit what they called curvy women, women with big hips and big bottoms, who will be paraded around the country in skimpy costumes and also in swim suits in a bid to attract foreign men who will come to Uganda to see the big women.

The initiative has shocked many in Uganda and also abroad with some accusing the government of trying to promote sex tourism. Members of Parliament and human rights activists are calling for the Minister of Tourism to resign his post.

The Minister of Tourism, Godfrey Kiwanda had officially launched the so called Miss Curvy Uganda initiative claiming that, and we quote him: “We have naturally endowed, nice looking women that are amazing to look at. Why don’t we use these people as a strategy to promote our tourism industry?”

Another Minister from the Department of ethics and integrity immediately blasted the miss curvy contest and said it will not be allowed to happen.

Mr Simon Lokodo said,” It’s shameful and I strongly condemn it. It demeans women and completely destroys their integrity. You can’t bring people from abroad to come and see the physiognomy of your women. It’s not different from the striptease that they put in bars and lodges. It completely reduces women to toys of entertainment.”