AMAZING!! President Museveni Tweets about Handing Over Power Peacefully!!!

This may surprise many Ugandans, but Uganda’s strong man and long serving President posted a message on Twitter about handing over power peacefully.


This was after Museveni’s trip to Kenya, where he meet other Presidents of the countries that make up the East African bloc.

And while it is not the kind of handing over power that many Ugandans may be waiting for, nevertheless, for Museveni to mention the words handing over power in a sentence may be a signal that the old man with a hat could be looking forward to having a discussion about succession.

When President Museveni arrived from Arusha in Tanzania, he posted a message on Twitter where he pretty much congratulated himself for handing over the chairmanship of the East African Community to his comrade Paul Kagame of Rwanda.

This is what he wrote on Twitter:  “Back home after attending the 20th Ordinary Summit of the East African Community heads of state in Arusha, Tanzania. At the summit, I handed over the EAC chair to his excellency Paul Kagame.”

Political analysts say that this could be symbolic. A political analyst in Nairobi said that this could be a start of new things in Uganda.

“Once people get used to the premise of handing over power and understanding that change is the natural order of things, you’d be surprised by what follows. After handing over the EAC chair peacefully and without a fight, it is very possible for this to become like a spiritual experience and it may end with him giving up the Presidency peacefully after 33 years as Uganda’s strong man,” James Kariuki said.

Museveni’s message on Twitter was met with different views, with his fans thanking him for representing Uganda in Arusha while his opponents said the only chair they expected him to hand over was the Ugandan Presidency.