Museveni, Balam Barugahara BETRAY Bobi Wine by Registering People Power!!

New reports widely circulating in Kampala and with credible witnesses allege that music promoter Balam Barugahara was working under the direction and guidance of President Museveni to register the slogans, names, trade marks or any intellectual property with the words or slogan of “people power”.

As a result, Bobi Wine who coined and popularized the slogan and phrase is legally banned from using it since it is now registered and copyrighted to new owners.

Top lawyers in Kampala now say there is nothing Bobi Wine can do but to find another slogan.

“Bobi Wine made a mistake not to register or trade mark his slogan and now it has become trade marked by new parties. If he tries using the slogan again, he will be infringing against someone’s copyright and could be held legally liable for that”, said a leading copyright lawyer in Kampala.

A perfect example is the trading name of Uganda Airlines that was owned by the government but never legally registered. Now an individual registered it and owns it fully and the government can only use a variation or alternative.

Promoter Balam Barugahara was seen coming from State House at midnight the day before the “people power” slogan was registered. He continues to deny any association with the saga but documented evidence shows that he is behind the incident.

Our reporters have tried several times to contact Balam to get his side of the story but he did not answer their calls nor reply to text messages.