Museveni, Kagame said to be Surprised that Joseph Kabila of Congo handed over Power Peacefully

President Museveni of Uganda and Kagame of Rwanda were said to be surprised that outgoing Congolese President Joseph Kabila decided to step down and not run again during the previous elections in which a new President has been elected.

The transition of power, with the incumbent willingly deciding not to cling to power has left both Museveni and Kagame surprised, according to geopolitical experts who have observing politics and governance in Africa.

Felix Tshisekedi emerged the winner of the elections and will become the next President of Congo. Joseph Kabila had made it clear last year that he wouldn’t be seeking to contest in the elections or seeking the Presidency again.

Presidents Museveni and Kagame are said to have been monitoring the news and developments in Congo but have avoided making any comments. Museveni and his Rwandan counterpart are expected to run again during the next elections because apparently the “people want them to continue as Presidents.”

Museveni has been President of Uganda for 33 years while Paul Kagame has been President of Rwanda for 25 years.

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