Bebe Cool Joins People Power after “eating” Museveni’s Money!!!!

President Museveni was said to be unhappy after being betrayed by Bebe Cool who has reconciled with Museveni’s enemy and rival to the throne, honourable Bobi Wine of the people power.

It has been reported that Bebe Cool has been eating Museveni’s money for the last five years, even being sent abroad to the United States for medical care and check up with State House paying the medical bills, flights, hotels, etc.

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In fact, a few months ago, Bobi Wine was sent by State House to New York to a global health meeting. He stayed at the very expensive Four Seasons Hotel in New York, travelled First Class to and from the US and also got an allowance, all thanks to the tax payer- you and me!!!

That trip was inappropriate and unnecessary because Bebe Cool is not an elected Government official, nor is he the Minister of Health.

In fact the Minister of Health is the one in any case who should have attended the meeting but he was side lined in favour of Bebe Cool. In return of all the money he got from state house, he was supposed to be loyal to President Museveni.

It wasn’t to be, Bebe Cool has reconciled with Bobi Wine and is said to have joined the Baganda camp who are opposed to Museveni and say that no single Muganda person should vote for or support Museveni in 2021.

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It is understandable why Museveni would be unhappy about this latest development but it is better to just let things go. However, Museveni may never forgive Bebe Cool for such a betrayal.

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