Senior British Politician says it’s time for Museveni to go and for Ugandans to be FREE!!!

A senior British politician who is looked upon by some in Westminster as a future Prime Minister has called on Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni to relinquish power to the younger generation after 33 years as President.

Paul Williams addressed the Ugandan political situation in the British Parliament in Westminster where he criticized the violence and wanton corruption that has plagued Museveni’s regime. He also criticized the regime’s violent crackdown of the opposition and spoke against the recent beatings and torture of opposition candidates that nearly claimed the life of singer turned politician, Silver Kyagulanyi, popularly known as Bobi Wine. Bobi Wine’s driver was shot dead by Museveni’s soldiers during a political rally.

“It is time for the young generation and for the millions of Ugandans to have a say in how their country is governed and their resources are used. This will only happen if Museveni and his regime leaves. We stand with the people of Uganda and we shall continue to support them until they get the change they need,” Williams said.

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Thousands of Ugandans took to social media to thank Paul Williams for his speech, his support and his concern for their welfare.

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