Museveni spent the day Deworming his Cows in the village while the British Parliament debated Uganda’s Future

President Yoweri Museveni spent the day deworming his cows in the village while members of the British parliament debated Uganda’s political and economic situation and also talked about how they can help the millions of Ugandans trapped in poverty.

Among the topics of the day was the Presidential term limits, the need for democracy and the brutality and violence used by Museveni’s military and police forces.

Paul Williams, a high profile British politician, Member of Parliament and seen by some as a future British Prime Minister said bluntly that Museveni’s government has failed miserably and will be looked at in the future as a case study for abuse of power,violence, greed and wanton corruption that is rampant in Africa and an obstacle to development.

Paul Williams discussed the issue of opposition figure Silver Kyagulanyi popularly known as Bobi Wine and said that how the youthful MP was beaten and tortured by Museveni’s soldiers s proof of the savagery and barbarism that characterizes Museveni’s government.

Paul Williams continued to blast Museveni’s government and wrote public statements on Twitter . His Twitter account is : @PaulWilliamsMP

“A 76 year old President torturing and nearly killing a 36 year old upcoming popular politician is a classic case of paranoia and shows how savage and brutal some people are willing to be in order to cling onto power,” Sally Browne, a British political pundit said.

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