Bryan White buys shs 500 Million Range Rover for Miss Uganda Abenakyo

Bryan White has once again put Uganda’s wanna-be millionaires to shame by showing them who is the real boss. He has bought a brand new Range Rover worth an estimated shs 500 million for Miss Uganda Quinn Abenakyo.

While other celebrities, city businessmen and even government ministers took to social media to send congratulation messages to Quin Abenakyo for being crowned Miss Africa, Bryan White went further and just bought a brand new Range Rover, fully loaded and top of the range.

“Quinn Abenakyo has brought recognition to our motherland and she is a good role model to young girls everywhere. I could have joined the list of other people and just wrote a congratulatory message for her on Twitter but at the end of the day, those are just empty messages. They don’t add money to your bank account. Any Tom, Dick and Harry can go online and send a congratulatory message so i decided to distinguish myself from the Dick and Harry’s of this world. I’m giving her a special present that will help her to travel in comfort, safety and enjoy ultimate luxury,” Bryan White was quoted saying.

Indeed Quin Abenakyo will enjoy the Range Rover as it’s one of the best cars money can buy.

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