Abenakyo DUMPED me when she became Famous, cries former boyfriend

Miss Africa Quinn Abenakyo’s former boyfriend says he is heartbroken, inconsolable and in tears after the beauty queen stopped answering his calls because she’s apparently very busy.

The soft spoken man, who only gave us the name of Edward and said he would divulge further information if Abenakyo accepts to speak to him again says he is going through emotional turmoil.

“This Miss Uganda thing, then this Africa or Miss World thing has just destroyed my life and i really wish she never went into this beauty pageant thing. It has changed her completely and right now she sees me as a no body. We were fine, we had good plans, we talked daily and then all this stuff happened and all of a sudden she’s a stranger. She won’t even text back! I just want my baby back,” said a visibly shaken Edward.

He further went on to warn other Ugandans not to allow their girlfriends or wives to join these things.

“To all the men out there, learn from my pain and my mistake. The day you allow your women to join these beauty pageants that are even from a European culture, it is that day that you will say good bye to her forever,” he said.

“I’m in tears, I’m in pain, I don’t know what to do. If anyone can help me to talk to her and she comes back to me, I will be forever grateful, ” he said.

Our editor reached out to Quinn Abenakyo for comment but our calls, text messages and emails were unanswered. We also reached out to her manager who told us that she has a busy schedule and can’t respond to our query.