Boat Cruise: Doomed Boat Previously transported women to smoke Pipes, Perform Witch Craft on Lake Victoria

Many Ugandan women, especially from the Baganda tribe are involved in pipe smoking and the performance of bizarre rituals and unfortunately, these strange rituals are directly connected to the boat that recently capsized on Lake Victoria, claiming several dozen lives.

The revelations come after a number of fishermen who ply their trade daily on Lake Victoria and visit numerous islands on the lake came forward to speak about the menace of witch craft and bizarre rituals done by many rich women who come on the boats and head towards the middle of the lake.

“That very boat that sank and claimed several lives was used many times for sorcery and bizarre rituals. The women used to hire that boat and sail into the night . Sometimes we could see them from a distance and we could smell very dirty and pungent smoke coming from their direction. We always steered clear of them and would not go near them, ” said James Nyange, a local fisher man.

Other fishermen also collaborated this new story about witchcraft and sorcery on Lake Victoria. An older fisherman who did not want to be named said that such incidents of sorcery are common on Lake Victoria and went on to explain that the reason these women go to smoke pipes in the night is because they smoke the pipes while completely naked and they call on the names of the devil and also call the names of the men they love or they men they want to destroy while smoking those pipes.

“This is not a secret anymore, any fisherman in this area knows it but many are even scared to talk about it, ” he said.

Our investigations into witch craft and sorcery on Lake Victoria will continue and we shall be bringing you the information in the coming days.

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