Trump Refused to Greet the Clintons at George H.W Bush Funeral

The animosity between Trump and the Clinton political family became highlighted again during the memorial service of US former President George H.W Bush who died aged 94. He was the father of 42nd President George W.Bush.

At Washington Cathedral where the memorial service was being held, Trump entered with his wife Melania and was led to the front row where other former Presidents and their wives were seated.

An angry looking Trump was then directed to sit next to the other Presidents, next to Obama and his wife, next to Bill and Hillary Clinton and other dignitaries.

Trump only managed to greet Obama and his wife Michelle but blatantly refused to shake hands nor greet Bill and Hillary Clinton. He even refused to look in their direction to nod or smile at them. Trump seemed to beĀ  in a sour mood through out the memorial service.

Trump has been at logger heads with the Clintons during and after the bitterly contested Presidential election in 2016 in which he won the popular vote to become President even after losing the popular vote by almost 3 million votes.

Trump threatened to “lock up” Hillary Clinton during his Presidential campaigns and his supporters are still waiting for him to fulfill the promise.