NRM supporters call for Museveni’s birthday to become a National Public Holiday

NRM supporters have taken to social media calling for President Yoweri Museveni’s birthday to be turned into a public holiday, claiming that Museveni has “worked tirelessly for the country but he is not celebrated enough.”

The comments and suggestions first appeared on a popular NRM Facebook page, where supporters said that “Ugandans must recognize and celebrate Museveni by turning his birthday into a public holiday.”

Edison Muhumuza, who describes himself as a youth mobilizer from Bushenyi District was among the people in support of Museveni’s birthday becoming a public holiday.

He wrote that ” Museveni has worked endlessly to make Uganda what it is but all you hear is negativity on social media. We should celebrate the man instead of celebrating these musicians who contribute nothing.”

Hundreds of NRM supporters all wrote in favour of the public holiday which they said should be called “Museveni Day.” However, there were some people in the Facebook group who disagreed with such an idea.

What do you think of this? Should Museveni’s birthday become a National holiday? Yes or No?

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