The Musician who cut his PENIS off. Completely off!!!!

A Musician who made headlines last year when he sliced off his own penis while high on synthetic marijuana, has shed light on what made him mutilate his body – and why he is proud of what he did.

Andre Christ Bear Johnson, a Wu-Tang Clan-affiliated emcee sat down for an interview with the celebrity news site VladTV Friday to talk about the April 2014 incident in which he chopped off most of his manhood and then leaped from a second-story window.

The 41-year-old performer, dressed in a ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ T-shirt, explained that a toxic combination of drugs- PCP, meth, Molly, alcohol, lack of sleep and depression stemming from child custody issues drove him to take a steak knife to his genitals during what he described as a ‘PCP party’ in a North Hollywood apartment on the night of April 16, 2014.

According to Johnson, the famed Wu-Tang Clan producer and director RZA was also there that night but did not take any drugs. The hip-hop group later distanced itself from the rapper.

Mr Johnson explained that he became upset that the three mothers of his children had taken out restraining orders against him and stopped answering his phone calls.

‘I was high as a mother****ing man, with no sleep and just frustrated ’cause I could not talk to my babies,’ he said in the rambling 30-minute interview.

‘And I’m paying like three child support payments and I’m seeing none of my kids, and I really thought for that moment in time that I really hurt myself by not having a vasectomy or whatnot.