Ugandan Homosexual Man jailed for Killing Company Director in London, UK

A Ugandan gay man has been jailed in London, United Kingdom for killing a wealthy American business executive, in a very sensitive case that has remained shrouded in mystery.

Gerald Matovu, aged 25 was born in Uganda and is thought to have moved to Britain in his teenage years where he involved himself in a life of crime, gangs, illicit sex and drugs. He also came out as gay in his teenage years and was known for having several boyfriends and being heavily involved in drugs.

Mr Matovu, of Guildford Street, Southwark was jailed for killing Eric Michels, a 52 year old American who moved to Britain the 1980s and worked for energy firm SEE.

The case against Matovu and the allegations are that he administered a deadly dose (overdose) of liquid ecstasy, a drug sometimes known as GHB and which is popular on the “gay scene” in London. In a deadly dose, the drug then claimed the life of Eric Michels. This happened at the victim’s house in London.

Eric Michels

Eric Michels had also had a part time Hollywood career, appearing in minor roles in the James Bond film SkyFall and also in the Tom Cruise movie Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

Gerald Matovu faces many years in jail and has a string of other charges including possession and supplying drugs. There is currently no information about how the killer and the victim knew each other, or whether they had a business or personal relationship.