Museveni pictured on “Boat Cruise” with no Life Jacket. This is why it matters…….

A photograph of President Museveni, his wife and other dignitaries on a “boat cruise” and all of them with no life jackets is going viral on social media as thousands of people share it on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and other social networks.

This photo would not have received any attention or scrutiny if it wasn’t for the latest incident on Lake Victoria in which a boat capsized, killing dozens of party goers who were out on the lake to have fun with their friends.

Few of the people on the doomed boat had life jackets, which has been given as the reason for such high casualties. Also, the boat was in a dangerous mechanical condition and there have been reports that the boat had several holes through which water was seeping into it.

The President has ordered an immediate investigation to find out what could have been done to avoid the senseless tragedy and avoid such tragedies in future.