A Chinese Scientist has created the world’s first Genetically Modified Babies

HONG KONG – A Chinese scientist at the centre of a controversy over what he claims are the world’s first genetically edited children said on Wednesday (Nov 28) that he is proud of his work and revealed that another volunteer is pregnant as part of the research.

Dr He Jiankui, an associate professor at Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, China, addressed a packed hall of around 700 people attending the Human Genome Editing Summit at the University of Hong Kong.

“For this case, I feel proud. I feel proudest,” Dr He said, when challenged by several peers at the conference.

He apologised for the result being leaked unexpectedly as he detailed his findings at the conference.

“First, I must apologise that this result was leaked unexpectedly. This study has been submitted to a scientific journal for review,” Dr He said.

He did not name the journal and said his university was unaware of his study.

The Science and medical community have condemned the actions of Dr He saying his work on genetically modified babies is unethical and could open the pandora’s box to so many other problems in the world.