SHOCKING!! You Won’t Believe what Prince Wasajja did after being Rescued from Sinking Boat

There has been so much speculation since the tragic boat incident that claimed many lives on lake Victoria but finally, the truth is coming out as eye witnesses and survivors come forward one by one to explain how the tragedy unfolded, and the now questionable behavior of some of the survivors who were pulled out of the water.

The heroes of the day were the fisher men who were first on the scene, and even with their small fishing boats and no rescue equipment, managed to risk their lives so as to save the party goers whose boat was capsizing fast.

In fact the fisherman who was the first on the scene and who used his small boat in the rescue effort sadly lost his life in the process. Other fishermen carried on until more rescue teams arrived.

While the fishermen gave 100% in the rescue efforts and selflessly risked their lives to help others, it is the behavior of some of the people who were rescued that has shocked the country.

Fishermen and other members of the fishing community have complained about the behavior of some of the survivors but especially Prince David Wasajja and singer Iryn Namubiru.

David Wasajja and Iryn Namubiru after being rescued and brought to the shore by the fishermen, they did not even look back. They immediately left and went to kampala and did not ask about the welfare of others.

A fisherman who was on the shores had this to say during a TV interview: ” The Prince and Iryn Namubiru were brought to the shore and were both wet and cold. They did not even look back or ask about the welfare of other people on the boat. The Prince had lost his shoes on the lake so he ordered me to hand over my shoes which i did immediately and he wore them. He also had lost his phone so he asked another fisherman to handover his phone which he used to make a few phone calls and handed back. Iryn Namubiru was complaining about feeling cold. Within five minutes, the Prince and Iryn Namubiru boarded cars and left the shore while the rescue process was still on going.  I was shocked by that kind of inconsiderate behavior.”

Iryn Namubiru hours later took to social media and posted a message saying “she was still alive but so traumatized.”