EMBARRASSMENT: Bebe Cool Mocked for Wearing Sun Glasses at Night at Africa Music Awards

Musician Bebe Cool has been mocked and branded a “villager” by Ghanaians and South Africans on social media, saying that he was the only person wearing sunglasses indoors and at night at the recently concluded Africa Music Awards that took place in Accra, Ghana.

“I don’t know if this is the Ugandan new style but it is weird and strange. I know he wanted to appear cool and fashionable but wearing sun glasses at night is one of the dumbest ideas ever, ” wrote Sophia Onetendo, a fashion stylish in Ghana who also happened to be at the awards.

Brian Zenthu, a South African music producer who was also at the awards chimed in and said that he knows Bebe Cool and even follows him on social media and said that although he considers him a stylish person, wearing sun glasses at night and indoors was a weird act.

“People should really educate themselves and learn that sun glasses are to protect the eyes from direct sun light and UV lights,” Brian said

Bebe Cool, a huge supporter of President Museveni and now a bitter enemy of Bobi Wine cut a lonely figure at the Africa Music Awards and was seen sitting alone and isolated, wearing a red jacket and dark sun glasses.