Boat Tragedy: Bryan White Gives shs 100 Million to Witch Doctor who advised him NOT to join Boat Cruise

Bryan White has given shs. 100 Million cash to the witch doctor who advised him not to join the doomed boat cruise on which the skinny millionaire had been invited as a Guest of Honor.

Bryan White, a millionaire who claims to have made his fortune in Italy is known to consult witch doctors and sangomas to guide him and help him with decision making.

In fact, it was reported a few months ago that Bryan White had traveled to South Africa to consult with a well known Sangoma (witch doctor) in Guanteng, a provincial town a few hours outside of Johannesburg.

But the news that a witch doctor advised and warned Bryan White not to join the doomed boat has left many in Uganda surprised. Friends of the witch doctor confirmed the news and attended a party in which he celebrated receiving a “huge amount of money” which was later confirmed to be the shs 100 million from Bryan White.

Bryan White was among the first people to arrive on the scene to provide help and he looked shocked and shaken because if it hadn’t been for the advice from his witch doctor, he’d have been on the doomed boat cruise.

The mysterious millionaire has offered to provide money and resources to help the people and families who were touched by the tragedy.