If you get easily Offended, then DON’T use Social Media, Winnie Byanyima advises Museveni

Former politician and now Oxfam executive and wife to opposition leader Kiiza Besigye has advised Museveni to log off and stop using social media if he gets so easily offended.

The advice comes after the arrest of several women who allegedly insulted the President on Facebook and other social media platforms.

“You can not arrest everyone who offends you or disagrees with you or insults you on social media, it’s just not practical,” Winnie Byanyima wrote on Twitter and advised the President to simply stop reading comments on social media or even better, “to stop using Social Media!”

The Uganda Police has dedicated a team of police officers who will be monitoring the posts people make on social media and any “unacceptable posts and comments” will lead to immediate arrest.

This may bring about a heavy workload to the police force who are already struggling to fight crime and also a bigger challenge will be monitoring the millions of people using Social Media everyday.