UNBELIEVABLE: Peng Peng Calls State House to speak to Museveni, Gets the SHOCK of his life!!!

YouTube blogger Peng Peng got a shock of his life after he made a decision that has been described as “idiotic” by various commentators.

The YouTube personality who is known for blogging on YouTube while drinking liquor and with his shirt off has seen his fan base grow over the years and this has given him the false impression that he is a VIP worthy of an audience with the President. And it was in that regard that he picked up the phone and called the State House in Nakasero, demanding to speak to the President.

After being put on hold for half an hour, the dreadlocked blogger lashed out at the switchboard operator who kindly told him to leave a message as it wasn’t possible to reach the President.

“Tell the President that I am Peng Peng and speaking on behalf of the youth of Uganda,”he boasted before the operator who had never heard of him asked him to clarify.

“Are you a youth envoy sir working on behalf of the government?” the operator asked.

“No, I’m a celebrity and i have some ideas that can help the government,” he said.

“A celebrity? I have never heard of you !” the operator was now getting confused and thinking it was a prank call to waste her time.

“Good bye sir, we have many important matters to attend to,” she said and immediately ended the call, leaving Peng Peng angry and frustrated.

The YouTube blogger then took to social media to rant how the people working in the government are rude and arrogant.