Bobi Wine will not get any Votes in Presidential Election , claims Bebe Cool

Musician Bebe Cool has again attacked Bobi Wine, saying that the youthful MP will never get any votes to become President and “should do the right thing and focus on his music instead of politics.”

“Uganda is a very peaceful country but this nonsense of all musicians joining politics and starting to make noise is going to bring chaos, conflicts and problems in our country. Let the musicians stick to music and leave politics to the politicians,” Bebe Cool claimed.

“I respect Bobi Wine as a musician but his politics of trying to divide people and cause problems and riots is what i don’t like. People love his music and want him to continue making music. I have talked to many of his fans who have said they will buy his music but will not vote for him in the next general election,” Bebe Cool claimed.

“Mzee Museveni has worked so hard to bring peace to Uganda and we can not simply allow any person to come and start dividing the people,” an agitated Bebe Cool ended his monologue.